Tips on Albion Online Weapons and Armor

It's my suggestion, I feel across the entire game there needs to be small tweaks once you get the weapons to this level speaking of 8.3 and above, If you want to know more content, read following.


1) does weapon have utility
--If yes Minimal amount less of dmg
--If no minimal amount extra of dmg

2) Is weapon full support weapon
--If yes add extra casting distance to allow support to backline
--If no keep the same

3) Is armor heavy
--If yes focus skills around toughness
--If no proceed to next check

4) Is armor Light
--If yes focus skills around extra damage or healing
--If no proceed to next check

5) Is armor Medium
--If yes focus skills around both minimal toughness and extra dmg or healing

Regardless All armor types should have the choice like we used to have:
Prior we could give up a helm slot nice utility to opt to take a defense breaking mobility buff.

You should have this option across all armor types as well (the medium armor passives are enough "extra mobility" to slowly catch or escape without totally breaking the balance of the game with medium gets a whole extra sprint.

6) Is your weapon magic specific without utility (.i.e. frost staff slows)
--If yes Higher dmg slower casting
--If no proceed on to next check

7) Is your weapon magic with utility
--If yes slightly high dmg (slows give that extra amount that balances)
--If no proceed to next check

8) Is your weapon true melee (i.e. point blank) with no utility
--If yes highest average damage on weapon across game (melee should do more they have to cover ground taking dmg to reach the ranged)
--If no proceed to next check

9)Is your weapon true melee with utility
--If yes decently high damage but not maxed compared to non utility
--If no proceed to next check

10) Is your weapon ranged with utility (i.e. warbow)
--If yes medium damage lower than melee lower than magic users with high mobility or cc
--If no proceed to next check

11) Is your weapon ranged without utility (i.e. longbow--depends if it is given frostshot or not)
--If yes a little more than medium damage because
--If no etc....

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