Albion Online - Longbow Vs Warbow

swamp biome

I have a .3 cloth helm .2 leather jacket .3 leather boots warbow, great kite, great mobility, the deeps. But I can’t deal with then correctly. The longbows rain of arrow has good aoe damage and short cooldown. Anyone here rolling longbow on leather? I wonder how it fares in combat. Here are some tips which can help to improve your skill:

It depends on what you want to accomplish. As you’ve used both, I’m sure you know the pros and cons. I think both are useful in group setting, though only 1-2 Warbows are really needed for that clutch stun, then the rain of arrows that follow melt everybody.

I use Warbow in 1v1 or in small group. I can kite melee pretty well (I’m using all Leather). If I run with my guild/bigger group, I find Longbow is more reliably and fits my playstyle.

My suggestion is to level both until you are sure which one to take it further. You get the power to all bows anyway so it’s a good idea to level .1-.3 all to a certain point.

All things considered, the longbow will be the better option in the end. That also all depends on you. The warbow is good for doing open world pvp, or if you are up late and want to solo by yourself. The longbow on the other hand, offers everything a warbow does, just swapping the stun for a massive aoe damage and a cc slow. The rain of arrows is a shorter cd, so you’ll also have it available more often.

More people will want you as a longbow player, and you will benefit the team much more. This is from personal experience, and my guild’s take on it as well.
As for your armor, you are right on track. I run: Head: Assassin [Meditate] Chest: Hunter [Haste] Boots: Assassin [Dodge]

I am all about mobility and catching people, so I am willing to sacrifice some damage. In my eyes, damage doesn’t mean anything if they can retreat or get away. I’ve also seen others use ‘Flee’ instead of dodge for more speed and gap-closing ability, however, it’s risky to give up all that utility dodge has to offer.

At last, more guides and news in UPAlbion .com! GOOD LUCK!